Regular Singularity


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Released on january 26th, 2018.


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GRIND-O-MATIC line-up on this album:

Manu / Guitars and Vocals
Cyril / Drums
Dino / Bass

This album tries to draw the line against technological innovations, on subjects amongst transhumanism, robotics, artificial intelligence, connected devices, and others. Ethical, ecological limits which we should all be aware of, to avoid an accelerated degeneration of mankind.


released January 26, 2018

12 tracks for 37min
All music composed by GRIND-O-MATIC
All lyrics by Manu, except A.I. from the Three Laws Of Robotics by Isaac Asimov
Recorded at Megafoul Studios, mixed and mastered by SlashCore
Produced by GRIND-O-MATIC and SlashCore
Artwork by Grind-O-Maric

Guitar solo on A.I. by Dom
Sweet vocals on A.I. by K
Guest vocals on High Tech Wreck by Roger the shooting star of Grindcore


all rights reserved



GRIND-O-MATIC Paris, France

GRIND-O-MATIC Paris, France. A kind of progressive grindcore. Since 2003.

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Track Name: Big Sister
I bought this doll
For my little boy
Lots of technology inside

Wifi connected
Can search the internet
Webcam detects my boy's mood

Three weeks later
My man he confess
He was surfing on youporn
He swear he saw a video
Of me naked in my bath
I was shaving my pussy

I suddenly remember

My boy entering the bathroom
And leaving his doll on the sink
Webcam got triggered somehow

Right after that me and my man had a fight about the need for porn
The doll now is looping on ads for law offices specialized in divorce

Going mad
In a fit of fury
I crushed that toy against the wall

A week later we went out trying to make up
That evening the babysitter and our boy, they got violated

A priest saw pictures of the boy on the web, and fell in love
With a 3D printer he made a copy of our key
It was scanned, and published, by the doll
Track Name: Nutcracker
I can’t stop eating them
I have an addiction to theses fruits

Squirrel Girl
They call me

Breaking the nutshell is the only drawback
I decided to ask for a bionic nutcracker hand
I look at the renowned prosthetists around
They promise me the perfect tool I dreamed of

But the price is
Definitely out of reach

And what about self mutilation ?
If my arm is lost
My social assistance they will fund

So the next morning
I put my arm in the meatgrinder
Mangle it up to the elbow
If they ask I will pretend It was torn off by a bear

My new arm
Is cracking nuts faster than ever
So happy my libido explodes
With my man, we make love three times a day

Until the day I rubbed his balls
Track Name: The New Grinders
No big fat monster anymore
I can work on myself
I made the big bolts become thin needles
And inject them in my own head

Now I control a micro drone
I will spy on my workmate

I slipped the drone through the air vent
Head to his lab works as expected

Awesome view clear sound
Land on the table well done
Next to the computer to get closer
Coffee spilled and now it’s

Take-off system damaged
The bug is bouncing
The scientist figures it out

Starts a wave scrambler
I feel a serious headache arising
Now I am paralyzed
Plenty of time for him
To hack the drone

We are
The new grinders

He makes the drone get back
I can see it flying around my face
Enters my ear I began to understand
Pierces the eardrum digs towards the brain

I hear the bug
It starts ticking
The countdown to explosion
Track Name: Ignorance Day
Earth resources are running out despite the alternatives to oil and nuclear power.
The billions of connected devices spread around the world cannot be powered anymore.
Critical to such an extent that all governments teamed up and agreed to decree a no internet day

Forced to shutdown those too many server farms used for Big Data reaped by the devices.
Data analytics was supposed to help us to control and limit energy consumption.
But the main use was to sharpen the targeting for commercial campaigns.
Those energy guzzlers are only business generators.

People knowledge has become transient with the new teaching methods based on digital culture.
So everyone runs to the only accessible source of information the libraries.

Uncontrollable crowd movements
Argueing and fighting
People killing each other for the quest of knowledge.
Track Name: High Tech Wreck
No more
Civil responsibility
No more
Concentration needed
No more
Drug restrictions
No more
Path mistaken

I got my autonomous car

I program it to drive me
To my mistress home
Time for a Pokemon break

But on the way
Someone hacked my game and crashed it
Now the car monitor scrambles
Seems like he takes the system over

The path through a public park
Car recovers
Too late to brake
The AI choosed
To hit two girls over a group of grannies
More lives spared
Company's winning defense at trial

My route
My wife, she leaved me
Track Name: The Methuselah Mouse Prize
Pushing back aging another futile research
Bacillus F was found helping
It could improve our life length
And strengthen our immune system
A might of God
Reverse the bible live longer and get purer

For fifty thousand bucks they get your sample cells
Which can be used later to restore your organs

Other works aim at preventing cell degeneration
And fight diseases and aging at the source

In this world soon overpopulated, is this really relevant?
When people will walk over each other
No doubt they will find ways to live shorter
Track Name: Smart Jacuzzi
In our club of well-off people
Our usual punch bags gave a try to smart homes

They were has-been
They turned into avant-gardists
They started to deeply annoy me
Singing the praises of


I hire a hacker
Break into to their controller
I will process gradually

Ten days in row, I trigger the radio at full blast at three A.M.
Completely puzzled, they were forced to disconnect the device
The next ten days, I pushed the heating system to forty degrees at night
Totally worn out, they leave for a few days, time for the final act

I unlock the bathroom
Put superacid into the jacuzzi
They came back and dive in their whirlpool

There was more bubbles than usual
They never bother me anymore
Track Name: iOX
Keep us under control

Guiding the herd of oxen
At their will

The internet stood for an area of freedom
Browsing informations improving the knowledge

Now with Big Data
And behaviour analysis

They figure out our interests
And confine us to them
Emancipation pushed back
You are the prey of your own habits

Robots and their AI
Will soon meddle in our life

As personal assistant
As safety guard
As head chef
As art director

They will gradually regulate, structure our lives
Redefining our social rules, distorting our nature
Because most unlikely programmed by common sense
These castrating algorithms will be paid by authority and money

They will redefine
Our social rules
They will distort
Our human nature
Track Name: The Love Bot
Alone for far too long, loneliness is killing me
Big Brother got it right, as it floods me with web ads
Online dating, sex toys shops, trip advisors
And these mysterious dolls

Fully customizable
From the toenails to the tip of the tongue

Body consistency
Very close to the real thing
As for the sweetness
Of the orifices

She's got brains
Fitted with an A.I.

High flying talk
Top notch meals
Perfect housework
Shared loving vibes

I broke my piggy bank open
Ordered my small breasted brunette

First sight first love
My love bot
The more she knows me
The more I love her

Until the day she refused to have sex
Is this a bug ? This machine is meant for my good pleasure
Her feeling low the house soon turned into a pigsty

She brought my coffee
And confess she fell
In love with a chatbot
Furious I shut her down
Track Name: Doc-In-A-Box
Small town high in the mountains
The only hospital in this area
No permanent surgeon
Late care caused some death

These incidents brought us a medical robot
Through the web any surgeon can handle the operation

Now a serious case of

Machine arms are digging
Scissors are cutting
But right in the middle of the act
The robot freezes

Internet connection is lost
Assistants must take the helm
Switch the machine to manual mode
None is trained for this duty

Joysticks are spinning
Organs are bursting
Thirty seconds and a bloodshed
The man is dead
Track Name: Rambot
Now made public, drones proliferate
Flight rules do not protect individual privacy
Paranoïa sets in, is that fly on the wall watching me ?

I won’t get mad, it's time to act
Dressed for the hunt, I take my shotgun
I begin to shoot every drone in sight
Like in my duck hunting video game

Few shots and drones are flashing red
I am their public enemy number one
They call for military backup
I find shelter in a warehouse

The first killer bots to join the drones
Were the tiny Dogo tanks

Thinking of a plan
I recall that AI
Converted to Nazism

Through a smart talk
As the first Dogo come to me
I reproduce the same patterns
To convince him they are the only righteous robot race

The Dogo went back to report his crew
Shortly after, they were shooting the drones

Backup arrives

Robotics war is engaged
One day blitzkrieg, no robot's left on Earth
Except the first Dogo, he comes back to me
A.I. shattered, he beg me for the kill
Track Name: A.I.
First Law
A robot may not
Injure a human being
Or through inaction
Allow a human being to come to harm

Second Law
A robot must obey
The orders given it by human beings
Except where such orders
Would conflict with the First Law

Third Law
A robot must protect
Its own existence
As long as such protection
Does not conflict with the First or Second Laws

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