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These are demo songs and artwork.


released September 3, 2016



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GRIND-O-MATIC Paris, France

GRIND-O-MATIC Paris, France. A kind of progressive grindcore. Since 2003.

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Track Name: The Mathuselah Mouse Prize
Pushing back aging another futile research
Bacillus F was found helping
It could improve our life length
And strengthen our immune system
A might of God
Reverse the bible live longer and get purer

For fifty thousand bucks they get your sample cells
Which can be used later to restore your organs

Other works aim at preventing cell degeneration
And fight diseases and aging at the source

In this world soon overpopulated, is this really relevant?
When people will walk over each other
No doubt they will find ways to live shorter
Track Name: Ignorance Day
Earth resources are running out despite the alternatives to oil and nuclear power.
The billions of connected devices spread around the world cannot be powered anymore.
Critical to such an extent that all governments teamed up and agreed to decree a no internet day

Forced to shutdown those too many server farms used for Big Data reaped by the devices.
Data analytics was supposed to help us to control and limit energy consumption.
But the main use was to sharpen the targeting for commercial campaigns.
Those energy guzzlers are only business generators.

People knowledge has become transient with the new teaching methods based on digital culture.
So everyone runs to the only accessible source of information the libraries.

Uncontrollable crowd movements
Argueing and fighting
People killing each other for the quest of knowledge.