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Flower Power


  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Jewel case cd with toxic plants artwork made by AAAAA Atelier www.aaaaa-atelier.org

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Depressive for some years Gruelling work, backbreaking and badly paid Split household, destitute Locked in fear, I need to find a peace haven Heard about a new church Recognized to be efficient at easing So I tried a first mass Sipping tea, while listening to the priest’s words A dragon swoops down on me, breathing fire Freaking ghosts are wandering madly around My journey in this wild mystical world continues My first frights soon melt down in a relief state The tea was the trick A blend of ayahuasca vine and chacruna shrub The essence of this mascarade
Elderberries Mum made a jam, auntie left us some fruity tarts And granny, she dug out the old family cake All juicy Now, I learn about a field near Where grow some of these fruits Just what i need, to calm my frenzy for these berries I pick a lot and God I feel sick, swaying Port and starboard, then I collapse
Wartime Tart 01:18
Hiding in the cave, trying to survive Fields grow poorer, gotta find some new staple food My man found some sago palm I can make some sweat wheat Add some rotten apples We’ll eat a tasty tart Then pain gain our livers My hasty washing failed to curb the wild plant End of our disarray thanks to this saving tart
Driving at dawn, scanning the sidewalk A bevy of fleshy butts whet my appetite I began to drool over these when I saw her Accost her, she shows me A tobacco leaf, unforeseen Some weird nuts inside She gabbles some words, I get it Got me up for dope, why not Let’s kill two birds with one stone Try to convince her for sex She takes a leave too, and accept After some more or less tender hugs A weird arousal seizes me I had to spit a flood of dribble revealing a bright red splash My stupor raises her smile Showing off her black stained teeth A freaky sketch of a monstrous copulation under full moon Gruesome pictures crossing my mind I grab an iron bar lying around us I squash it right through de skull of my beauty Red of blood mixing with my dribble’s one
Four oh one before christ At the bottom of the colchains we stood Ready to eat them alive We make our vows to the gods Archers on our wings drew the enemy army Our centre forces got a clear path to success We enter some villages We found lots of beehives All honeycombs were eaten By our enthusiasts warriors Their impolite gluttony Was soon to be punished They were all seized with vomiting, losing their senses Brought to the ground, some only drunk like Others just like Dead Harsh lesson That honey was made of rhododendrum ponticum None will stuff on this now
Trawling nets grow rank Shortage of seafood Disrupt eco system Fish feed on garbage That toxic Blue algae They end dead On surface Draw the eye Of the seagulls they will contaminate Ill birds hurting boats Raving mad
I married her forced at gunpoint Cause I knocked her up I left her, but soon went back to see her die Then at medical school, I met a girl We had a lovely affair, and then she died Later when I set up in practice I helped a wife with killing her womanizer She ratted me out, rather than serve time herself All these crimes Were about strychnine poisoning Watch them die Lose their breath till the last spasm Fixed in terror
In early hours I sweep the fl oor like every day in the greenhouse What a nasty smell I immediately stopped and searched the cause I come nose to leaf with a plant A gorgeous Nepenthes Truncata Mouse tail outside Pull it out Unveil the rodent Drowned in digestive fl uid Decomposed
Harsh Rash 01:55
Heard about an odd toad You lick it then you get a good trip We have to fi nd one A quagmire, mosquitoes We hear some croaks, the right place I see a big one right there I grab the branch above It stings so much So I quickly lose my grip And it slaps back at my face Went back, my skin now blistering I just ran to see the doctor Told him my story, he laughed and said I choose the wrong shrub, a poison sumac Despite the treatment, I got almost blind For more than six months, sure not worth a lick
Five fruits and vegetables per day as the ads say Maybe I should give it a try Bought some beans at the local store Hope the gain is worth the taste But within the next hour I feel not so healthy Distortions blur my eyes, my lips they dehydrate My audition begin to fail, barely hearing the news Those beans Should be returned Belladonna Seeds inside
Nice weather, gather my friends for a game Quick comes the idea, the rural warfare Catapult and blowpipe only allowed Ammo should stain for easier refereeing Let’s fi ght till death Angry Cows in front of Hillbilly Bears We break up and now the hunt has begun Hear the cries of pain A sting in the neck He got me, third victim But he seemed, not so glad He started convulsing Then he fell down His blowpipe was made of water hemlock
Another war in sight Already thrill my mind Back in Carthago The city I must free Got a report about the enemy Less numerous, we outta be crafty Who might pride himself a better leader We will feint the battle, no suspicion left Fight Two days long Fair enough We surrender offi cially Set up a feast pledge of fair play Wine fl owing for our enemy Not just any one, mandragora Early in the morning, they were asleep Time for us to take them over
Bio culture, bourgeois bohème Resign yourself, pick a smoothie Now in every store, price more or less excessive Green off-beat shops spread, fi erce racing They create subtle blends Meant to thrill the bobo’s snobbery The latest success A carrot juice with beetroot and kiwi drops But a week later, hospitals steal the show Burst of botulism stops the craze Bio carrots, from the farmer Were held at wrong temperature All juices were infected
Not far from the elections Got to seduce the suburbs Set up a park full of fl owers Looks like the young enjoy it Some were found zigzagging, oddly babbling What a nightshade tea party
Fussy Cat 01:29
Enough, can’t stand that kitty, I wish it dies Mum refuses to abandon it I have a plan, I saw a documentary About gardens, learning plants can be nasty to pets Aconite is the best suited for cats I get some from my grandma Slyly attract the cat into my room It got fond of these It licks the leaves, chewing on the fl ower, I’m glad Slaver comes Eyes roll up Corpse slows down Till victory
Quite a nice day for London, the usual drizzle I am gone for work As an ex-soviet journalist Freedom I found here fi ts me well Cross the bridge, reach the bus stop I’ll have to wait, draw my book An awful pain hitting my thigh A man runs away Fold his umbrella He apologizes, but damn it hurts Fever settles in, end up coughing up blood Doctor found haemorrhages in almost every organ Well, I was poisoned with ricin
Just got the news Charged by Anytos Mad, because of my critics He thought his son wasn’t worth better than a tanner An impostor, that’s what he’ll made of me Using the confusion, with these sneaky sophists Since the oracle When Appolon said I was the wisest on Earth People stare at me,afraid, I disrupt their faith With instilling my learning in the young They would follow me, blindly relying on the oracle So what will I be accused of ? Denying the gods ? Making up some new ones ? Corrupting my young disciples ? During my plea I ensure them that my research only tend to prove No man is fully wised Making the oracle quite ironic Tell them about the Demons Which I believe to rule our existence Above the gods I assume this does not refute all the charges And I accepted wisely the condemnation of the city I was forced to drink that old water hemlock brew


GRIND-O-MATIC line-up on this album:

Manu / Guitars
Clément / Drums & Backings
Roger / Vocals


released September 13, 2013

20 tracks for 45min - produced by GRIND-O-RECORDS
Recorded mixed & mastered by GRIND-O-MATIC
Cover and artwork by AAAAA Atelier


all rights reserved



GRIND-O-MATIC Paris, France

GRIND-O-MATIC Paris, France. A kind of progressive grindcore. Since 2003.

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